Beauty is not Skin Deep: Genes Should not be Chosen Essay

Beauty is not Skin Deep: Genes Should not be Chosen Essay

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Even if modern medicine advances to the point where parents can pick out exact physical traits for their children, it should not be legal because it promotes the idea that beauty is skin deep. It seems inevitable that eventually virtually anything will be possible in the genetic world. Today geneticists have discovered ways to test for certain pre- natal diseases, identify the sex of a fetus, and take ultrasounds of the fetus still inside the womb. And this is just the beginning. In the not- so- distant future it is believed that parents will be able to choose their child’s eye and hair color, bone structure, ear and nose size, etc., and geneticists will be able to make it happen. Under almost any circumstances, advancements in medicine are beneficial to society, but this is a rare case where it may not be so. Everything that has been discovered so far in genetics has been helpful to the process of reproduction. Donors and carriers are an option for those couples that cannot conceive naturally. Diseases such as Autism, Down Syndrome among others, can now be diagnosed just a few months into the pregnancy. Epidurals and c- sections are now available for mothers in order to make the birthing process more comfortable. However, when it comes to designing the physical makeup of a child, there is no medical reason to change the appearance of an unborn child. For this reason, physical modification of a child should not be allowed under any circumstances. This allows for the child to be born in the most natural way possible with the smallest chance of unnecessary complications.
It is only natural for parents to want the best for their children, but creating them to have ideal physical traits sends the wrong message. If a child were to be...

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...nd see where problems could arise. In many situations parents would only modify one or two specific characteristics, but there are extremists out there who would go way over the top in order to make their child beautiful. In many ways, genetic modification is very similar to cosmetic surgery. There are many people who receive botox injections, but not enough to be easily noticeable or damaging to their body. However, we have all seen the celebrities who have undergone multiple cosmetic surgeries and now look terribly over processed and artificial. Similar to cosmetic surgery, once the modification has been made, there is no going back and the effect is permanent. Perhaps one day we will be lucky enough to live in a world with no superficiality, but until that day arrives, this policy must be put in place to ensure we do not overprice the value of external beauty.

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