The Beauty Industry With Social Media Advertisement Essay

The Beauty Industry With Social Media Advertisement Essay

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Today in the United States of America the Beauty Industry is booming, bringing in millions of dollars every year, but is everything that they are doing to raise there business and popularity in a sense moral? Do women of all ages suffer from self-esteem issue leading to mental illness, anorexia, and bulimia diseases because of what the beauty industry is promoting? From plastic surgery, Photoshop, and makeup the industry is able to create looks of having an unobtainable bodies on the stars that choose to do this. Some women believe that they should be able to achieve a body similar to the famous individuals, is this really fair? With the beauty industry partnering with social media advertisement it is nearly impossible for individuals to avoid what is influencing these problems because of the massive growth in ways items are advertised, such as, Facebook, Television, Pinterest, Instagream, and Television. For the purpose of this essay the problem and correlation with the industry that will be discussed is eating disorders in women in industrialized nations.
The health problem that the beauty industry asserts is the issue with many women are developing and or having eating disorders such as anorexia and or bulimia causing a major impact on their life. Authors’ Wendy Spettigue and Katherine Henderson participated in research on countless numbers of studies that where completed and provided supportable information that the media, or beauty industry does in fact have an negative affect on women because of the increased developed densification with their bodies due to forms of advertisement (Spettigue & Henderson, 2004). The beauty industry partners with social media for advertisement so there are may forms of viewing unrealisti...

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...ocieties have created a lager impact on individuals in the communities, particularly women for health issues. It is important that as a society individuals are coming together to raise awareness that woman are developing life threating diseases from self obtaining unrealistic images that are used to increase the liking of products. Technology is only advancing each and every day, so instead of attempting to fix the problem of the mental and physiological diseases researchers and scientists need to focus on the larger issues of advertisements creating and vividly expressing warning labels on advertisements, and advertising capturing more inspirational ideas for woman of all ages to experience in moving forward with their lives. . Doing this hoping to initially reducing the problem at hand and decrease the number of cases of mental health and eating disorders in women.

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