Beauty: Golden Ratio on Human Face Essay

Beauty: Golden Ratio on Human Face Essay

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The golden ratio can be seen in anywhere. It is also captured in many books and articles. It is also aesthetically shown in literature, art and ancient architectural buildings. The golden ratio can be seen in the way trees grow, in the ratios of both human and animal bodies. The ratio is approximately 1.618. The golden ratio is only can be seen by the one of the most complex organ in our body and it can be directly seen. The golden ratio has been discovered and used since ancient times. Our eye analyzes the golden ratio as a beautiful form. The symbol for the Golden Ratio is the Greek letter Phi. The golden proportion is the ratio of the shorter length to the longer one, which equals the ratio of the longer length to the sum of both lengths. In art and architecture, it is known that if one maintained the ratio of small distance to larger elements that was the same as the ratio of larger distance to the whole, at the end result will generally be visually perfect. As I mentioned before, the golden ratio can be seen in everywhere including human body and in this term homework I will explain and analyze the Golden Proportion on human body and human face.

Golden Ratio on Human Face
There are several golden ratios in the human face. However, you can’t calculate them with a ruler. Beauty, which relates excellence is kept on hand by all of us. Beauty’s essence, rather than as physical and emotional attributes it is more spiritual. These properties affect many areas of our lives. Beauty, though not the most important point in our lives, in the eyes of public to draw attention, to earn respect and admiration which has a significant power. Because beauty is based on centuries ago, constantly changing and is a concept that affected all of ...

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... what to do and what am I going to research. But with my teacher’s motivation and the little helps that she gave me this homework looked quite easy for me. Also I learned a lot of things from this homework. I learned the amazing numbers and ratios that were hidden in our bodies. It has been said that beauty is in the eye of the person and thought that beauty doesn’t affected by race, culture or era. The proof, however, tells that our perception of physical beauty is hard to see into our being and built on how closely one’s features reflect the proportion. The Golden Ratio is visually appealing to our eyes, which is why nature is so beautiful to look at. All human faces follow the Golden Ratio but at the same time, no two faces are exactly the same, even for identical twins. This happens because there are so many information of the golden ratio involving the eyes.

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