The Beauty and the Blood of Kashmir Essay

The Beauty and the Blood of Kashmir Essay

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Kashmir: Beauty And The Blood
There are many beautiful places on the earth and every place is unique and has its own specialty. Some places are famous for their natural beauty and some for their architectural beauty. In addition, each person differs in choices, likings and tastes. Many people enjoy natural beauty and some are pulled towards historical and architectural beauty. There are few people who notice a different type of beauty which is cultural and traditional beauty. Kashmir is known for its natural beauty. It is said to be the heaven on earth. People call it “The Switzerland of Asia”. They are fascinated with the ravishing scenic beauty of Kashmir. With snow on the mountains, tall trees of Chinar, green land and valleys, Kashmir seem to be one of the most magical places on earth. Even though there is a lot of violence and brutality in Kashmir, different people who live there with diverse culture and tradition share love, affection, tolerance and are still hanging in together. This is the true beauty of Kashmir.
Kashmir is located in the Himalayas and is also known for many-sided culture. There are namely three different regions in Kashmir. Jammu, Kashmir itself and Ladakh and they have different people with their diverse culture and traditions. Jammu has majority of Hindu population, Kashmir has Muslims and Ladakh has majority of Buddhism. The one thing that all these regions share in common is that they love and support each other. Even tourists are considered as family. People there are very simple are far away from artificial feelings.
The official language of Kashmir, or Jammu Kashmir is Urdu, It is spoken throughout the state but mostly spoken in Kashmir than Jammu and Ladakh. There are few other languages spoken...

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...f 1947 first Indo-Pak war, United Nations has monitored the issue and the situation is still being monitored. The issue has not yet been completely resolved.
Ultimately, the true beauty of Kashmir is its distinct and diverse culture. It co-exists with “Kashmir Conflict” and all the violence happening. That is the only thing that kept people of Kashmir survive.

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