Essay about The Bear By Tom Lombardi

Essay about The Bear By Tom Lombardi

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As once said by Paul J. Meyer, “Communication is the key to personal and career success.” That could not be any more true, especially in this day and age. In order to succeed in this world, it is imperative that you are able to work well with people. It is nearly impossible to avoid people for an extended period of time. It might be possible for a little bit, but eventually you will have to face someone. It is beginning to be harder and harder to find good paying jobs that do not involve interacting with the public to some degree. This quote is being referred to human communication, but the same ideas can be applied to communication across a wide spectrum.
In class, we read a short story called The Bear by Tom Lombardi. This story is about a bear and his connection with a girl named Lois. This bear is able to talk to her, which is completely out of the ordinary. The bear goes on to say that a man had taught him how to speak to other humans. Due to that teaching, the bear was able to step over boundaries and communicate in a way that could be understood by both the bear and Lois. If the bear had not been taught how to communicate, then he would have missed out on a very successful opportunity to get to know Lois. At the end of the story, Lois and the bear are both staring into each other’s eyes. Lois is not even paying attention to anything her boyfriend is saying. Lombardi says, “A lifetime of tranquility seemed to hang between their gaze (83).” They had mutual feelings of peace and understanding, despite the situation not living up to that standard. Before these two got lost in each other’s eyes, the bear was attacking Gary. Gary was scared to death and was telling Lois not to do anything stupid. He thought it was not safe for h...

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...Also, learning how to break down barriers to make communication more effective will make her a lot more successful in the workplace.
As I look back on my pursuit of sign language, I see that it is difficult and has not been easy. However, I know that as I practice more I will overcome the awkwardness of talking to deaf people and become more confident. As mentioned previously, I was able to experience the same sense of understanding that the bear and Lois had. She was able to see into the bear’s thoughts and mind. After reading The Bear I realize that being able to communicate with someone that is not easy to communicate with is a great opportunity that not everyone has. I should take advantage of this opportunity and continue learning sign language so that I can soak up all the insight and knowledge that I can. Just as Lois did, I might even make a lifelong friend.

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