Beaker, Colorless Water That Smelled Slightly Of Minerals Essay

Beaker, Colorless Water That Smelled Slightly Of Minerals Essay

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The results of experiment one were: for beaker one, colorless water that smelled slightly of minerals. For beaker two, there was a layer of oil over the top of the water that formed when the droplets of oil came to a stop after stirring. For beaker three, the water smelled of vinegar, and was colorless. For beaker four, the water was colorless, with a frothy head, and smelled like laundry detergent. For beaker five, the water was colored by the soil, and smelled like dirt. For beaker six, the soil was greasy, the water was muddy, and a slight amount of oil was in the water. For beaker seven, both the soil and water smelled like vinegar, and the water was muddy. For beaker eight, the soil and water smelled like laundry detergent, the soil itself was greasy and sudsy, and the water had a slight rime of suds, as well as being muddy.
The result of experiment two was the water that was passed through the rudimentary filter was observed to be mostly clear, with no sediment, not odor, after filtration.
The results from experiment three found that the tap water was the most contaminated, with the Fiji water running a close second, and the Dasani water was the purest.
For the first experiment, the hypothesis was that a) oil would not actually contaminate the water, as oil and water do not mix, b) vinegar would contaminate the water, because vinegar diffuses throughout water, leading to major filtration being needed to remove it, and c) laundry detergent is also a compound that dissolves throughout water, leading to major intervention to remove it. The results agreed with the initial hypothesis.
In the second experiment, the hypothesis was that bleach would not be an effective filtration method, as it leaves itself behind in th...

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...portance to the continuity of the planet. Understanding the principles of the effects of household items on groundwater can lead to breakthroughs on how to reduce humanity 's footprint on our most precious of resources. The results of each experiment shows a detailed outcome of how chemicals can affect our water. If we don’t take care of the water quality, animals we eat will come from these waters and therefore making use sick. Taking care of our environment will result in our environment taking care of us. Reducing our impact on groundwater and freshwater sources can decrease the instances of water borne diseases, which are especially rampant among those whom are poverty stricken, which can lighten the strain on economies. Raising the water quality would better everyone, reducing the need to migrate, which would put more money and more workers into local economies.

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