The Beach - Original Writing Essay

The Beach - Original Writing Essay

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The beach is the place to go whenever someone feels down, wants to relax, or just to go to have fun. Usually it is always peaceful and quiet and when I go there I like to go and have a good time with my friends. When I was young I used to enjoy going to the beach just to play with the sand and build beautiful sand castles or even just to go for a dip in the water. But as I grew older I realized that I needed a place to go for most of my time during the summer after all the stress from school and mostly just to have a good time and relax. So there was no better place for me to be able to do that than the beach. The beach would be a perfect place to go to enjoy and relax because of its calm surrounding areas, the beautiful nature it has, and the amazing senses someone can get out of the beach. I always love to be outdoors and the beach has always been one place that I enjoy going to during the break because every time I go there it’s always a different and enjoyable experience. When of my memorable beaches I have been to is located in Iraq, it is a perfect example of joy and relaxation someone can get out of the beach.
Most of the times when I go to the beach I not only enjoy the beach but the long rides getting there and back. This beach that I went to in Iraq was one of a kind because of the beauty of nature it contains. Near the beach, looking around I can see large open areas of green beautiful fields of grass that look quiet and peaceful with nothing or no one around. As I get closer to the beach there are large buildings of glass surrounding the outside of the beach with pomp trees dispersed around them to give beauty to the buildings and to the area. A few miles after the buildings you can see a massive parking lot filled wi...

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...ter. Every step I take I can feel the soft ocean breeze touching my body, so relaxing and so soft when the gentle wind touches my skin (that i want the felling of reliving to stop). Finally I look up at the sky and I feel like I am in heaven, with all the stress fully leaving my body. Leaving everything behind, I can look forward to the next challenges in life with this fresh start.
With the relief of stress and worries of your shoulder there is no better place to escape to than the beach. All around and inside the beach the felling someone gets are amazing and if you are trying to relax then going near the shore is the best place to be. The beach is the perfect place to be to enjoy and relax during the summer. Every part of being at the beach is a part of relief of stress and relaxing moment. If the beach is not the perfect place to enjoy and relax, then what is?

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