Essay about Be Your Own Boss: A Case of Papua New Guinea

Essay about Be Your Own Boss: A Case of Papua New Guinea

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Countries have evolved and transformed in their own pace and ways over time, even more so now with the advance in technology. However powerful, rich or poor a country is, weather they be developed or developing there are certain similar predicaments that persists. One such predicament for the government and the people is unemployment. Papua New Guinea has its own fair share of this problem. Jobs are scarce in Papua New Guinea Kuimbakul (2011) elucidate that of the 50,000 school leavers each year there are only 10,000 new jobs, which means around 40,000 educated young people cannot find paid jobs which then results in other social problems. If you graduate and do not get a job or if you are currently job less, is that it for you? Will you just keep seeking for employment and hope for some vacancies to appear? In this essay I will argue for the idea of ‘self-employment’ in the context of Papua New Guinea.
There are several reasons as to why unemployment persist and is increasing in Papua New Guinea. One of them is lack of education and lack of skills to secure a job. With a literacy rate of PNG at 53.7 percent almost half the population is illiterate. Some form of education is required to get a job and if you don’t meet the criteria you end up being unemployed or earn a minimum salary job such as security guards or gardeners’. With 41-60 percent of Papua New Guineans making less than two dollars a day , and with the school fees increasing every year most parents cannot afford school fees and other necessities for education. Thus children are forced out of school or are not even enrolled in school. Mercy International Association, 2010 reports that education opportunities are sabotaged because parents couldn’t afford to pay school f...

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