Be The Change : Cruelty Free Essay

Be The Change : Cruelty Free Essay

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Be the Change: Cruelty Free
Dogs are known as a “man’s best friend” and the thought of abusing a dog would be sickening, each year hundreds and thousands of innocent animals are being locked in cages inside laboratories. This includes cats, rabbits, mice, and even your best friend (dog). These animals are put through a test, when they are being injected with diseases, chemicals, and other potentially toxic foreign entities. Animals were put on this Earth to walk among us, so they should have the right to live a safe and free life. But that right is violated when they are forced to be used for research. True, we share some similarities like a beating heart, lungs, and eyes. However, we are completely different species and do not share the same DNA, so how reliable are these tests that are being performed to find the next cure for HIV or Cancer. And what happens when all fails? Putting animals through all this torture cannot possibly benefit humans. Although, animal testing may help scientists find cures for human diseases, animal testing should be banned because it violates animals rights it is unreliable, and torturous.
Animal rights are being violated when they are forced to be used as research tools. Some may wonder “do animals have rights?” Yes, they do have rights. Animals have the right to live freely as much as we do, and they have the right to be treated equally. Animals feel, breathe, fear and think as we do. So, in many ways animals are just like us. Animals may not have human rights but they certainly have basic moral rights. But, when we look at all these testing labs these animals are no longer living a peaceful and free life. They have no choice but to be exploited. Unlike animals we can stand up for ourselves when we...

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...l, drug, food, and cosmetic testing. (“Experiments”). Animal testing is inhumane and unnecessary and we need to put an end on it.
The experiments on animals, does not only violate their moral right to live freely, but studies have shown that it is also unreliable and torturous. Animals have been on this Earth before us and we should appreciate every single one of them. People are not greater than them, but equal in all sense. And they have the right to be on this planet as much as we do. They are helpless creatures that need the protection from anyone who hurts them. Although some facilities still continue their research on animals, we are quickly discovering alternative ways for testing. People can learn more or make a simple change just by educating yourself, this small change can create the greatest impact, and it all starts with wanting to make the change.

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