Be Healthy And Alive Is A Non Profit Organization Essay

Be Healthy And Alive Is A Non Profit Organization Essay

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I. Executive Overview
A. The reader should come away from this section with knowledge of what you are proposing and why your plan will work.
1. Be Healthy & Alive is a non-profit organization which focuses on promoting physical activity among the adult population. I, Danielle Richardson is the founder of the organization. After numerous of interactions with the diverse adult population, it sparked my attention that adults do not engage in physical activity as often as they should, therefore this program will aim towards that.
2. Currently, Be Healthy & Alive is qualified for educating the general public about various health topics. Our staff is trained to serve all populations and ensure successfulness throughout the program as well.
B. Briefly describe the need for your intervention.
1. Adults are seemingly busy with their everyday schedules to the point that their personal time is reduced, causing them to only have enough time to sleep and prepare for the next day. Family and work obligations are usually the highlight of many adult’s lives causing a huge decrease in the number of minutes spent on physical activity each day.
2. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, regular physical activity is one of the most important things an individual can do to sustain healthy living. The American Heart Association stated that adults have not me the recommendations for physical activity, this has also caused a need for the program.
C. Provide an explanation of your intended intervention.
1. Goal: Adults will specify their need for physical activity.
2. Objective: By the second week of the program, 100% of the participants will understand the importance of physical activity in any lifestyle.
3. Goal: Adults will inco...

... middle of paper ...

...the 10-week program. An additional $25.00 will be charge for those that would like one on one training from the personal trainers.
2. Value: Why is it worth the price? This program is worth every penny. All participants will end this program on a healthier note. You can’t beat the $25 for a personal trainer, usually a personal trainer charges at least 30-60 per session.
D. Promotion
1. Selling points: What will you say about your business and product or service? I would suggest that my program is the best, inexpensive and offers more incentives than any other similar program.
2. Promotional places (Channels): Where will you promote your product or service? In order to spread the word in the city, there will be flyers posted at local grocery stores, community centers, and gyms. There will also be a commercial script which will be broadcast on HOT 91.1 radio station.

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