Essay on Be Gone with Pointless Homework

Essay on Be Gone with Pointless Homework

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Homework is something most students do not care for and would like to live without. Getting rid of all homework seems like a great solution to this problem, but unfortunately it is not likely to happen. But what happens if the overwhelming abundance of homework that is given and homework that is used to keep students busy like crossword puzzles, fill in the blanks, and other repetitive non-interesting material, is eliminated? With the elimination of the extra homework and busywork, people’s attitudes have the potential to become more positive, and the overall educational level could be increased. There are plenty of benefits that can come from the limiting the amount and type of homework students are assigned, but figuring out just how to limit the amount and type of homework that is assigned is an interesting part that depends on the teachers and the school.
By eliminating the overwhelming abundance of homework students are assigned and busywork, there is a great potential to make the attitudes of students, teachers, and parents, more positive. When some students, especially elementary aged, are assigned busywork they are obviously not going to want to do it. This forces parents to intervene to make sure their children get their homework done, and the outcome is not always pleasant. With the elimination of this type of homework there would not be as many conflicts between parents and children to get the work done (Smith). Teacher’s attitudes would also become more positive because they would not have to spend their time grading heaps of homework or busywork assignments. Teachers should have time to go over homework closely and make sure their students are learning what they should be learning. But when teachers assign an abundan...

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