Essay on Be Confident, Happy, and Healthy

Essay on Be Confident, Happy, and Healthy

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Ginormous greasy cheeseburgers, salty crispy fries, and huge, calorie packed bottles of coke are what’s on the menu tonight for supper. Picture a family gathered around the kitchen table and inhaling the delicious aroma of the food they’re about to stuff their faces with. Just as they’re about to take their first bites, the mom of the household yells “STOP!” in a loud, thunderous voice. She realized that although their food was delicious, it wasn’t healthy. In a world where humans are constantly tempted by unhealthy foods, being overweight is a very common issue, but there are plenty of exercise programs, diets, and weight loss tips to help people maintain a healthy weight for their body type.
The truth is that men and women come in all different shapes and sizes, which means everyone has a different body type. There are three main body types, and the first is that of the endomorph. Identifying if someone is an endomorph is typically an easy task, because they’re usually pear or apple shaped. Endomorphs struggle with maintaining a healthy weight, and losing weight takes enormous amounts of concentration. These are the people that are generally bulky and chubby with slow metabolisms. When it comes to personality, endomorphs are easy-going, tolerant, and creatures of comfort, routine, and habit. They enjoy eating food and they love the company of others. They tend to eat and exercise for the chance to be around or with other people. They often use eating as a way to socialize, which is why obesity rates tend to be higher for people in this category (Endomorphs 1).
People that are categorized as geeky or nerdy usually have an ectomorph body type. Ectomorph bodies are shaped like a ruler, because they’re straight with very ...

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... are great sources of many vitamins, minerals and other natural substances that may help protect you from chronic diseases” (Fruit 1). If people spent more time making sure they got their daily servings of fruits and vegetables, obesity rates would lower, the risk of heart disease would decrease, and our nation would be so much healthier.
Food temptations exist everywhere, and escaping them is impossible. Junk food is certainly tasty, but in the long run it will only cause serious health issues. Eating fruits and vegetables, and exercising on a daily basis is what will get people at the right weight for their body type. Maintaining a healthy weight isn’t something to try for a limited amount of time, it’s something that has to become a lifestyle. Making simple choices in eating habits will make people more confident, and help them live healthier and happier lives.

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