Be Careful About Giving Away Personal Information over the Internet Essay

Be Careful About Giving Away Personal Information over the Internet Essay

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Right now, all across the world are internet predators. Now-a- days, anything is possible to find on the internet. Does anyone ever think about the consequences when giving too much information online ? People need to be aware of the security risks on the internet. Everyone should be cautious of hackers, rapist online, and cyber bullying. It’s very essential for parents/ guardians to know about the websites their teenagers go on; also, make sure the websites are appropriate for their age.
Numerous people give too much personal information online. According to, 81% of parents of online teens say that teens aren’t careful enough about giving information about themselves online. Sometimes people chat with others through a computer; however, aren’t really definite of who they actually chat with. Could it be some hacker or stranger online ? In addition, most of the times tragedies occur because of too much information that was given.
There was a terrible incident online that occurred on June 24, 2002. It started when a 15 year-old girl named Amy had been hounding h...

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