B2C Web Site Security Essay

B2C Web Site Security Essay

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In this report, the author endeavours to present the how the security issues generally presented on the B2C web sites can assured by technical controls and educating customers. The report presents levels of end-to-end security components that include: physical system security, operating system security and network security. With advent of web applications that are now being used extensively for deploying e-commerce applications, author also presented the web security threat profile of web services that is currently an active research topic. All of the discussed components are attached with advice that can be provided to customers that may not apparent to them, but can help reduce security issues.
Keywords: B2C websites Security Issues, Technical Controls, Customer Education 
Table of Contents
Abstract 2
Table of Contents 3
1 Introduction 4
2 Levels of End-to-End Security Components 4
2.1 Physical System Security 4
2.1.1 Server Side Aspects 4
2.1.2 Client Side Aspects 5
2.2 Operating System Security 5
2.3 Network Security 6
2.4 Web Application/Service Security 8
3 Conclusions 10
4 References and Bibliography 11

How the security of B2C web-sites can be assured through technical controls and customer education
1 Introduction
The primary goal of Business to Consumer (B2C) websites is to attract traffic / consumers such that the virtual store front is available to the potential consumer 24 hrs a day and all year around. More traffic to B2C websites means increased revenues and a pull-type membership model for consumer whereby they “pulled” kept engaged with different type of activity on the web sites (Sarner, 2009). With advent of these virtual shop fronts and increased audience the security model used to ...

... middle of paper ...

...end by validation of client end along with validation of received message on server end.
3 Conclusions
In this report author has presented various levels of end to end security on B2C web site. Number of security threats has been informed along with recommended technical controls that can be put in place in order to provide counter measures against web security threats to B2C web sites. Further, customer side measures have also been informed, that can be easily monitored and setup by the customer in order to protect themselves while using B2C web site. Finally, author wants to add that security issues do occur and they clearly a threat but by performing security threat analysis and but educating customer regularly about changes on website and additional protection features, trust in shopping on B2C web site can be maintained that eventually generates revenues.

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