The Bauhaus And The Modernist Movement Essay

The Bauhaus And The Modernist Movement Essay

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The Revolutionary Bauhaus

The Bauhaus was seen as the ultimate symbol of innovation and creativity in a world that was filled with chaos and uncertainty. The students and teachers of the school were living in a world where war was an everyday reality. The aim of the school was to create an atmosphere where students and faculty were able to be inventive and creative, as an escape from the stress of their everyday lives. They were creating experimental projects and defying societal norms in every faucet of their lives. Men wore their hair long and women wore trousers. The promise of equality between the “strong sex and the beautiful sex” was revolutionary in a time when gender norms reigned. The Bauhaus revolutionized the art world by challenging the criteria of who created art and what was aesthetically considered art. The faculty and students of the Bauhaus advanced the modernist movement greatly, through their collaborations and the lives that they lived.

Another aspect of the Bauhaus which set it apart from other art schools, was the way in which students were taught. Before the Bauhaus, schooling was a structured hierarchy, even when it came to subjects such as arts. All students were expected to follow the same program and they didn’t have a lot of freedom. However, the teaching curriculum at the Bauhaus allowed students to study under masters of different art forms. They were first taught the basics of the craft, colour and form, for the first six months, getting used to the materials they would use. They were then implemented into workshops which effectively blurred the lines between fine art and applied arts by placing artists and craftsmen as teachers, together. This created a new dynamic between student and teachers,...

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...the Bauhaus and displayed in Hitler’s Degenerate Art show of 1937. Hitler used this art show as a way to mock and degrade the art that he deemed unacceptable. The fear and strife the artist were going through was channelled into using creativity to innovate objects which were useful and needed to be manufactured. The concept of fine and applied arts under one roof gave new purpose to the art world, when there was less and less public desire for the production of art. The Bauhaus allowed the art movement to continue forward by creating a space and function for artists and their teachers during a time of struggle and desperation. The passion that the students and faculty had for the work that they were doing at the Bauhaus, along with the new approach to teaching and design, cemented the school and its legacy into the history of the art community.

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