The Bauhaus And Its Impact On World War II Essay

The Bauhaus And Its Impact On World War II Essay

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The Bauhaus was a school that was opened in 1919 in Weimar. Germany it was originally a school of arts, formed by Walter Gropius. In the early years of the Bauhaus it did not have an architect department despite being formed by an architect. The Bauhaus was created upon the influence of developments in art; Graphic, Interior, architecture, industrial and typography design.

The Bauhaus was created upon Germany’s loss in World War 1 lead for a huge step up in arts. But the biggest inspiration for the Bauhaus was modernism. An art that had been around since the 1880s. Walter Gropius goal was to create a new bread of craftsmen. Gropius hired the top artists of the time to help him teach within the Bauhaus. In 1922 Gropius employed a Dutch painter called Theo Van Doesburg to Weimar in order to promote his painting style de stij. When the Bauhaus opened in 1919 Walter Gropius had spoken saying the Bauhaus was to indicate “ the new period of modern arts had begun.” The school became the headline of political pressure from conservative politics. In 1924 the social democrats lost control to the state and the Bauhaus staff were placed on six months contracts and cuts to the schools funding. This lead to the closure of the Bauhaus in Weimar.

After it had closed in Weimar the Bauhaus moved states to Dessau. The intention of this Bauhaus was to be a school of industrial design with having teachers having less hate for the conservative party. The schools name was changed and eventually known as the technical university of architecture and civil arts. And in 1996 its name was changed again to the Bauhaus-university Weimar.

The Dessau Bauhaus was designed to have a more international style compared to the old Bauhaus. These years had sign...

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...opening, Mie’s volunteered to have the school shut down.

Due to the Bauhaus modern influence Adolf Hitler portrayed this idea and had labelled the Bauhaus as “UN German” changing the German public’s view on the Bauhaus. Hitler had then criticised that the Bauhaus was just a cover and a front for the communists and the social liberals. Hitler having this opinion he had converted the minds of Mie’s and his loyal students to the Soviet Union after he got fired.

This lead to one of the biggest changes in Art. By the time of the closure of the Bauhaus in Germany due to the Nazi party influence there had already been another Bauhaus opened in Chicago, America but although Hitler had deemed the Bauhaus as a bad thing when Fritz Todd began to open his new autobahns. All of the bridges and rest stops had a “bold statement of modernism” that came from a Bauhaus influence.

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