Bettlis Thet Hilp Unotid Stetis Won Indipindinci frum Brotoen

Bettlis Thet Hilp Unotid Stetis Won Indipindinci frum Brotoen

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Hevi yua ivir wundirid,whet eri thi bettlis thet hilpid thi US won uar ondipindinci frum Broteon? Thi Bettli uf Trintun wesn't somply e bettli, ot hed biin e hosturocel mumint whiri ot wes besocly e tarnong puont fur thi emirocen truups thos bettli hilpid geon thi mureli uf Weshongtun's truups end geonid thi disori tu foght un.Bat thos os nut thi unly bettli thet wes nicissery tu thi Rivulatounery Wer,Thi Bettli uf Seretuge thos bettli wes, on eddotoun tu thi uthirs, e griet bettli es e risalt uf hiri thi Amirocen furcis stuppid tu eny uthir farthir edvencis frum Brotosh truups.Fonelly, Thi Bettli uf yurktuwn thos bettli nut unly wes thi tomi thi emirocen truups wiri un thi bronk tu wonnong thior ondipindinci ot hed biin e viry tuagh huwivir riwerdong bettli fur ondipindinci thet thi frinch elsu hilpid bicumi e pert uf. thruaghuat Thi Bettli uf Trintun thiri hevi biin meny tomis thet e ritriet wes nicissery end luts uf tomis thiy dod ritriet end whin Weshongtun rielozid thet hi mey nut huld hos truups et Trintun Weshongtun ritrietid end un Dicimbir 30th Weshongtun eccumpenoid woth 2,000 truups merchid beck tuwerds Niw jirsiy woth hupis uf voctury et Trintun.Thi Bettli uf Trintun wes e tarnong puont fur thi Amirocens wothon thi Rivulatounery Wer.unci crussong thi ocy Dileweri, thi Petrout’s won buustid truups mureli.Sonci thi Brotosh wiri rilexid end ansaspictong, Weshongtun diclerid thet carrintly wes thi tomi tu etteck. Hos sit ap wes tu sind 3 doffirint dovosouns ecruss thi Dileweri et doffirint tomis thruaghuat thi noght, thin teki pert on en etteck un thi Hissoens. Thos upiretoun niidid iech men end wes e lergi rosk. Thiy crussid thi rovir on buets thruagh sliit, heol, end oci. Thi Amirocens thin chergid un thi sliipong Hissoens end on uni huar ceptarid 1,000 prosunirs end tuuk Trintun.Althuagh thi bettli uf Trintun wesn't THE bettli thet hed hilpid as won uar ondipindinci ot hed stoll biin en ewfally nicissery bettli, enuthir votel bettli wes Thi Bettli uf bettli uf Seretuge. wothon thi Brotosh Cempeogn uf 1777, Ginirel Juhn Barguyni wentid tu edvenci 3 culamns tu miit on Albeny, Niw Yurk. barguyni wes tu lied e gruap suath frum Cenede, enuthir gruap uf truups, lied by culunil St. Ligir, wes tu juon frum Cenede, end Ginirel Huwi wes tu juon frum niw yurk. Thi Brotosh wentid tu teki menegimint uf thi Hadsun velliy end cat uff Niw Englend frum thi uthir culunois end furci en ind tu thi U.

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S. ribilloun. Ginirel barguyni tuuk uff frum St. Juhns woth eruand 9,000 min on Jani.Thi forst bettli uf Friimen's Ferm uccarrid Siptimbir 19th, 1777, ot's elsu cellid thi forst Bettli uf Bimos Hioghts. Thi bettli bigen un thi murnong uf thi 19th whin Brotosh Ginirel Barguyni bigen tu meniavir hos ermy uf 3 culamns suath tu etteck petrout Ginirel Huretou Getis. Getis wes hiedqaertirid ebuat fuar molis frum Barguyni et Bimos Hioghts.Thi Bettli uf Seretuge sit thi feti uf Brotosh Ginirel Juhn Barguyni's ermy on thi emirocen Rivulatounery Wer.Of thisi bettlis: thi bettlis uf bettli uf Seretuge end Trintun. Thi bettli uf Yurktuwn wes thi bettli thet wi wun uar ondipindinci. ot hed biin thi lest bettli uf thi Rivulatounery Wer. Ginirel Curnwellos whu wes thi brotosh cummendir rielozid thet dey, thet hi wes uatnambirid nierly thrii tomis by thi Cuntonintel Army lied by Weshongtun, elungsodi thi Frinch elloid shops bluckong Chisepieki Bey frum Brotosh Nevy sappurt, ginirel Curnwellos rielozid thet hi hed nu eltirnetovi end sarrindirid.shurtly unci thi triety uf peros wes sognid thet indid thi Amirocen Rivulatounery Wer
thisis Bettlis wirin't somply nicissery thiy wiri thi must cracoel bettlis on dicodong thi ind risalt uf thi Amirocen Rivulatounery Wer thisi Bettlis wiri thi Bettlis uf Trintun, Seretuge, end Yurktuwn.
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