Essay on The Battle Royal Is A True Picture Of Racism

Essay on The Battle Royal Is A True Picture Of Racism

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Battle royal is a true picture of racism in American society. The writer tried to explain his experience in the form of fictional character that exists between the two rival races during the post reconstruction era. The fighting of black people for their freedom is not only limited to the pre-slavery period, but also it continues until today. No matter what they do, black people are always invisible to the white race.
The Writer created a character that looks like an outsider for the situation and try to understand the racial issue in his own community. Later in the process of delivering the speech to the most respected white people in the town, the narrator realizes his grandfather 's message. The narrator is a young black boy who tried to identify himself in the society. He doesn 't know exactly what is his position in the society. He is well respectful in the community and his personality is associated with his grandfather. However, his grandfather behavior while he is alive and what he said on his deathbed is totally different. "Grandfather had been a quiet old man who never ma...

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