Essay about The Battle of Yorktown

Essay about The Battle of Yorktown

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The Revolutionary War started in 1775. The American colonies have had enough of the British occupants and set their foot down in pursuit to freedom and independence. Each battle that happened during the Revolutionary War had its own significance and contributions to the independence of the colonies. Many brave men laid their lives in pursuit of the dream of independence from British control. One particular battle paved the way for that independence to become a reality. That battle is known as the Battle of Yorktown. The Battle of Yorktown took place in what we know today as Virginia. It was a decisive battle that turned the table during the Revolutionary War. The battle ultimately led to the liberty of the American Colonies from the British. The strategy and scheme of maneuver from the American and French soldiers on the lands of Virginia were risky yet impressive. General George Washington and his French counterpart Lieutenant General de Rochambeau were able to take an offensive to General Cornwallis in Virginia. Those actions gave General Washington the advantage to turn the tide of the war.
The year 1781 was a year that will forever remain a pivotal moment in our history. There were many battles fought between 1775 and 1781. Battles like the Battle of Concord and Lexington, the Battle of Long Island and the Battle of Saratoga. One particular battle however, led to the Independence of the United States from British control. That battle is known as The Battle of Yorktown. The weather during the battle was fair with little hindrance from the elements. Each Army had a distinct uniform that differentiated who they represented in battle. The Continental Army wore a blue coat with white pants and black boots. ("American Revolution: ...

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...uch information as possible before going into a conflict. The ability to get to know your enemy and figure out the scheme of maneuver is impressive.

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