Essay about The Battle Of The Spanish Civil War

Essay about The Battle Of The Spanish Civil War

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The Spanish Civil War - This was a civil war that was fought in Spain that took place from 1936 to 1939. The fight itself was between quite a few groups, which include: Republicans, Second Spanish Republic, the Nationalists, and a few other small parties. The Nationalists were known to be victorious at the end of the civil war. Long story short, the Nationalists continued to capture much of Spain over the course of the years. The dictator and reigning leader of this takeover was none other than general Francisco Franco. Long story short, this war was one that is of extreme importance and contributed to the formation of Spain and its future.

The Anschluss and Munich, 1938 - in 1938, the inevitable happened; Germany had annexed Austria. Soon after, Hitler set his target on Czechoslovakia. In order to combat against this from happening until Hitler’s command, Chamberlain, along with the French Prime Minister and top ranking individual of Italy went to Munich. Upon arrival, the groups came to the decision in which they agreed upon autonomy for Czechoslovakia. When all was said in done, Chamberlain returned and preached to the people that peace was to remain. Little did he know, Hitler would go on to invade only 6 months later.

The Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact, 1939 - in August of 1939, a group of reps from Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union had met. Upon meeting, the two groups signed this pact that had promised that the two countries would not go to war against one another. Less than two years later, none other than Nazi Germany broke the pact when they had attacked the Soviet Union.

The Battle of Britain and the Battle of Stalingrad - both of these wars were extremely bloody. In fact, the Battle of Stalingrad was known as the b...

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... country began protesting and ultimately, participating in student activism. The end goal was to change the ways in which Americans live their lives. In other words, changing American fundamentals along the way thru student activism.

European Economic Community - this was a group that had one goal: economic integration to be brought in for its member states. In all, it was nothing more than a union of states that granted peace upon one another.

The Welfare State - known to be a concept in which the state government plays a major role when it comes to protecting and ultimately, promoting the well being of an economy. Not to mention, the state also helps aid the citizens who inhabit the area. There are quite a few principles that come into play which include but are not limited to: equality in regards to opportunity, proper distribution of funds/wealth and so forth.

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