The Battle Of The Seneca Falls Convention Essay

The Battle Of The Seneca Falls Convention Essay

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86. Anti-slavery are people who are against slavery and wouldn’t want to participate in slavery at all. An abolitionist is someone who actively works to get rid of slavery and wouldn’t even participate in owning a slave.

87. William Lloyd Garrison was an abolitionist, journalist suffragist, and social reformer. He spoke against slavery and valued non violence and supported the rights of women and Christianity.

88. This is a rule that reached the government for a short period of time that laid aside anti-slavery literature.

89. The Seneca Falls Convention was the first women’s rights convention that was held in Seneca Falls, New York. This convention lasted for two days and the women shared resolutions on the Declaration of Independence.

90. The main ideas of Transcendentalism are individualism, self-improvement, spirituality, and moral protest.

91. Stephen F. Austin was an American empresario. Empresarios were people who were granted the right to settle on land in exchange for recruiting and taking the responsibility for new settlers.

92. The significance of this is that it was said during the War and it was used so others would remember the War and to know the effects that it had.

93. Manifest destiny is the term for the attitude during the 19th century period of American

94. Key events leading up to the Mexican war was Texas annexation, the boundary dispute, and claims against Mexico.

95. The Wilmot Proviso was made to eliminate the slavery in the land as a result of the Mexican War. The importance of the issue of slavery in the territories was that slaves were relied upon during this time and also they were mistreated.The act helps eliminate the slavery in the land that Mexico won during the Mexican War.


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.... Robert E. Lee and his army were surrounded and drained from battle so they had no choice but to surrender their army to General Grant. After speaking they both agreed to meet on April 9th 1865 at the house of Wilmer McLean Appomattox Courthouse. Their meeting lasted for two and a half hours and finishing the meeting the conflict came to an end.

117. The importance of Lincoln’s assassination was that it left Andrew Jackson a southerner and former slave owner president. Lincoln had a plan for reconstruction that was for treating the sophomore like you lost brother returning home and he looked through construction as a time of healing for the people. The Radical Republicans looked at the reconstruction as the opportunity of a lesson and to punish them. If Lincoln was not assassinated he would have dealt with the South differently than the radical Republicans.

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