The Battle Of The Revolutionary War Essay examples

The Battle Of The Revolutionary War Essay examples

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The continental army was one of two groups fighting for America in the Revolutionary War, the other group being the militia. The Revolutionary War, also known as the American War of Independence, was America’s battle against Great Britain to become an independent nation. The Continental Army was the first real army of the United States and had George Washington as its commander. Washington being the commander was one of the few benefits involved in being part of the Continental Army; Soldiers had poor pay, rationed food provisions, worn out clothes, damp shelters, and lived in unsanitary conditions. Based off these conditions, it is not surprising the continental army had trouble keeping its enlistment numbers up. The lives of soldiers were filled with such strife, that it is apparent the limited soldiers enlisted had nothing but pure desire to fight for their nation. The outcome of the Revolutionary War is astonishing and admirable, essentially due to congress’s inability to sufficiently supply the American army for war, which led to a more than troubling journey for any soldier enlisted in the Continental Army.
The Revolutionary War took place between 1775 and 1783 and was a result of Americans opposition to British rule. Great Britain angered America after Parliament placed corrupt taxes on American goods, which led to citizen’s resistance. The people of America were filled with enthusiasm and rage against Britain, their intense spirits aided them in their war for freedom. In 1776, many men readily joined their local militias and contrarily, very few joined General George Washington’s Continental Army. The Continental Army demanded longer terms and harsher discipline, which led to the militia’s overpowering popularity. Due to...

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...mum of around 20,0002.
The Continental Army’s victory against the British’s far more equipped army is a result of the American Spirit. The Americans persisted through each obstacle and setback because of their overwhelming desire to gain independence from Great Britain. The Continental Army fought through their lack of food, shelter, clothing, and battle equipment, and thus overcame the efforts of the British to keep their hold on America. Although the experience for a soldier in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War was less than desirable, the limited soldiers that sacrificed to fight for their nation are the reason America remains to be the country of independence it is today. The Revolutionary War taught many soldiers and Americans, as well as Jeremiah Greenman “to write, keep accounts, to command, and above all, to believe in the future.”4.

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