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Do you ever wake up one morning and realize it would be a great day to leave town and go fishing for the week? It’s really early, the sun’s not shining down yet, and you can just kick back and relax, and enjoy the good times. It makes it all better if you have some good people with you to enjoy the times and try and catch the biggest fish to have that pride of the weekend. Now imagine fishing in a lake that feeds off of the Mississippi river because you have no idea what you may catch.
The weekend started with me and my brother staying at my Uncle Steve’s house about 8 years ago. My mom’s side of the family lives in Illinois and we usually try to make it up there once a year. My mom was staying with my grandparents and we went to my uncle’s guy time. I personally love fishing and when I heard that we were going to Carlyle lake I was psyched. I knew that the Mississippi river ran into this lake so we had no clue what we might catch. My uncle heard it was a great lake to fish for a fish called “Asian Jumping Carp”. None of us really knew what they were, but we were going to find out one way or another. That morning we woke up extra early because the lake was about an hour and a half away. We were staying the whole weekend so my brother and I helped my uncle get the camper ready and hooked it up to the truck and off we went. When we got into the city Carlyle we wanted to stop at the local bait shop to find out what exactly we need to catch one of these Asian carp. The bait shop owner told us that the carp will literally bite at anything but a common thing people get is called “stink bait”. Now I don’t know exactly what is in it, but I do know it is great for catfishing and I figured maybe these carp eat the same sort of thing. We a...

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...t to this day. The next couple of days I had the chance to catch more Asian jumping carp, some striped bass, and an alligator gar which was really exciting because I was the only one out of the three to catch such an interesting fish such as the alligator gar. We were all so pleased with the taste of the fish we brought some home with us to give to my family at our family cookout that Sunday. Everyone at the cookout tried the fish and were just as pleased and surprised as we were. This is a fishing trip that I will always remember and I got to share these awesome moments with my uncle and brother which made it more satisfying. One thing I learned and will not forget is, don’t knock something until you try it, because you may be surprised how great something may be that seems wasted, and that is something I learned with my uncle’s idea to cook the Asian jumping carp.

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