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Boom! Boom! Boom! Imagine waking with your house riddled by gunshots knowing that you could be killed any second of the day for no reason whatsoever. This is what communities containing gangs do on a daily basis. In communities just like ours, an astonishing forty-eight percent of all violence in jurisdictions across the country is contributed by the gangs. The Crips and Bloods are two of the most well-known and largest gangs in the country. These gangs have been known to break laws on a regular basis and disrupt the lives of many of the members of towns and cities around them. The Crips and Bloods have a vast history together and control a larger amount of drugs and guns than any other gangs. This simple fact alone makes them some of the most dangerous and lethal people on the planet. The history between the gangs, the rivalry, and the brotherly code affect the economy and community in the area.
The history between the gangs is so long that it dates all the way back to the late 1960’s. This was a time of the Civil Rights Movement where almost all gangs, no matter which ethnicity, were eliminated. This was a time of oppression for the African American community because of their lack of rights. Many joined groups such as the Black Panther Party or the Brown Berets; these were nonviolent groups that demanded more rights for African Americans. Although this was a terrible time for many blacks across the country, the gang violence had dropped to an all-time low because of the joining of these peaceful groups. Unfortunately the government did not like this revolution and change being pushed by some of the civil rights groups. The government began to imprison many of the leaders and even assassinate innocent lives. As the peaceful prote...

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...each other comes in when police are involved. Whether it is getting in a gun fight with the police, being questioned, or being bribed shorter sentences by giving information, these men always have each other’s back and do not defy the gang. For the police, it is extremely hard to get real information on the inside of the gang because of how secretive it is. This is a huge advantage for the gangs because the police don’t even know where to start in some cases. As displayed, this tremendously affects the community and economy; what can we do to help?
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The history between the gangs, the rivalry, and the brotherly code affect the economy and community in the area. The people being affected by gangs are in a long lost war between the two gangs. Some are too afraid to leave, others cannot afford to, and either way as a society there are ways we can help.

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