The Battle Of The Confederate Attack Essay

The Battle Of The Confederate Attack Essay

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When Connecticut Governor William Buckner received word of the Confederate attack on the Union stronghold of Fort Sumter, just one day after the siege occurred, he knew the inevitable had finally become a reality; tensions between the North and South had come to a boiling point. The nation was now at war. In the days following, news of the war’s commencement had reached news outlets throughout the state and towns all over became abuzz with concerned, perplexed and nervous discussion of what was to come . Soon after, both the state’s governor and the Union’s commander in chief, an enthusiastic republican by the name of Abraham Lincoln, issued proclamations urging the Connecticut citizenry to hear their call and enlist in the Union army. Thousands of eager men, both young and old, stepped forward to volunteer their service. By May of 1861, less than one month after the infamous attacks on Fort Sumter, over 40,000 men had been gathered in the state’s capital to be sent South for efforts to conserve the Union. By the wars end, more than 75,000 would go on to enlist and eventually serve. Relegated to both infantry and artillery regiments, their participation in the war would go on to account for some of the most storied and defining moments of the entire contest and their soldiers were some of the most decorated in American Civil War history.
The story of the First Connecticut Artillery Regiment, originally known as the Fourth Connecticut Volunteers, is one of great significance and central importance to the legacy of the Civil War within the Nutmeg State. The regiment, composed of over 42,000 men segmented into thirteen different companies, served alongside the most decorated regiments in the Union, including the famed Army of the P...

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...hines through in the details of company formation and volunteering mentioned in regards to the start of the war. Lastly, The book provides details on the lasting psychological effects, both adverse and positive, of service following the end of the conflict. In a powerful line, Taylor details the reality of veterans as they are obliged to march through the nation’s capital. He writes, “here are over a million men, used to the license of the camp and the field, and now flushed with great victories; they cannot safely be discharged upon society.” This line emphasizes the complicated process of re-assimilation into society experienced by those who served in the war. The graphic, and often horrid nature of battle, coupled with the witnessing of large-scale death and the general traumatic stress induced by horrible living conditions, left individuals permanently scarred.

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