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Pepsi or Coca Cola, which would you choose from? Both brands have very persuasive ads, so it makes it hard to choose from. Pepsi was invented on August 28, 1898 by the name of the man Caleb Bradham. Coca Cola was invented by Doctor John Pemberton on May, 1886. Although, Pepsi and Coca Cola may be different they also have their similarities. Both brands are, and have been competing to be the global number one cola. I have gathered up information on a couple ads to tell you about the brands competition, similarities, and differences. In Pepsi’s first ad logos was used very strong, but the least and weakest used was ethos and pathos. Coca Colas ad was similar, logos was used the best and strongest, and pathos and ethos was used the weakest.
In the first ad there is a Coca Cola can, and a Pepsi can. There is a straw going into the Pepsi can, but the straw for the Coca Cola can is all bent up, so it won’t go in the can. The background is blue, and at the bottom of the ad it states “Joy in Pepsi”. This Pepsi commercial made the background blue, because they are representing their product. If they had made it another color, such as red, it would throw the consumer off making them think it was a Coca Cola advertisement.
In ad one Pepsi uses pathos the strongest; it focuses on the consumers and audience emotional appeal. As I described before, they made the background blue to stand out in the Pepsi ad. They done this so it will draw the consumer in, and automatically know it’s a Pepsi commercial. Also, at the bottom of the ad it says “Joy in Pepsi” they done this so it’s not over doing the Pepsi theme. Although, in my opinion, the blue background done it.
Ethos was used in this ad, but not as strongly as...

... middle of paper ...

...Cola commercial, is a war scene this appeals to an audience of all age groups. Both advertisements uses pathos as the strongest, and ethos and logos as the weakest use of rhetorical appeal. Even though the products may be very different, they both have and are competing to be number one in the global.
Both brands are very much liked by Americans, and have been for a long time. Though they are competing, each product helps the other one out be more successful. The main point in both ads is to make the audience feel good and excited about purchasing, either Pepsi or Coca Cola. If both ads used more use of logos, this could help the product look more efficient, and make the consumer feel even better about purchasing whichever. Both Pepsi and Coca Cola companies assume the audience like the exciting feeling they get when seeing or watching the advertisement.

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