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The Battle of the Alamo was a focal point in the Texas Revolution. How could the events of the battle been different? In this paper I will discuss the plea from the Alamo’s commander, begging for reinforcements, as the Mexican army enclosed around the Alamo compound. I will recount the events of the morning siege that took place by Santa Anna’s army as they overran the Texan opposition. I will discuss the quick decimation of the Alamo and its tenants as described in history and an alternative ending to this bloody battle. The Texas government had organized and declared independence on March 2nd while the Alamo was under siege. Washington-on-the-Brazos was the home of the convention where the Texas delegates formed the constitution. Soon after the convention, Sam Houston was appointed commander of all the Texas troops.

As Texas fought for its independence, Mexico battled to keep its territory. So the battle at the Alamo should have never taken place. There were only two outlying posts that guarded Texas from an attack from the south or from Mexico. The two forts that blocked these approaches into Texas: Presidio La Bahía at Goliad and the Alamo at San Antonio. Each installations function was to alert the Texas settlements of an enemy advance. Letters of warning were sent out, but there was no help was in sight.
The Battle of the Alamo, the most famous battle of the Texas revolution, began on February 23, 1836, and continued for almost two weeks. With the Mexican army growing day by day, and Texas reinforcements nowhere in sight, the Texans made a final stand against the massive Mexican army led by General Antonio López de Santa Anna. General Santa Anna used the time to encircle the old fortified mission compound, gradually cutti...

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...nd the increased numbers proved too much for Santa Anna’s army. With his numbers dwindled, the troops inside the Alamo left its walls to pursue the retreating general. After a quick chase, Santa Anna is captured and brought back to the compound where he was met by Sam Houston. To show the General the error of his ways, and to ensure an attack like this never happened again, Sam Houston ordered Jim Bowie to remove Santa Anna’s head and place it in front of the Alamo. This was a sign for those who wanted to threaten the Republic of Texas.
In Conclusion, as an independent Texas, no longer tied to Mexico, the massacre at the Alamo should have played out a bit differently. If the troops from Goliad and Gonzales had reached General Travis in time, he would have possibly had enough reinforcements to turn Santa Anna back to Mexico or at the very least put up more of a fight.

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