Battle Of The Academi Private Universities Vs. Community Colleges Essay

Battle Of The Academi Private Universities Vs. Community Colleges Essay

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Battle of the Academia: Private Universities vs. Community Colleges
Congratulation’s, you have been accepted to, “insert school name here!” For many individuals receiving their college acceptance letters is one of the most rewarding days of their life. For many, the choice is simple, be accepted by good, respectable school, go to college and graduate. For others the question is more complex. It’s not just a matter of what school is better, but what school is more affordable. Private universities provide extensive conditioning and in depth degree training, while costing individuals a large amount of money. On the other hand community colleges prepare young students for the higher academic world, while being relatively affordable. Based on the significant differences between community colleges and private universities, community colleges are better for the recent high school graduate.
Private universities provide extensive and in depth degree training and conditioning for a world outside of academia. Private Universities can be well known based on their name such as Harvard, Yale, or Princeton. Names like these draw in prospective students from day high schools, boarding schools, and even prep schools. Many young individuals want to start shaping their adults path by attending a well renowned school. Personally I did as well and that is why I choose Suffolk University right out of high school. Suffolk University offered me the challenging degree I sought after, which at the time was Biochemistry and it also allowed me to gain independence, and self-sufficiency. For some gaining self-independence at an early age, especially right out of highschool is crucial. While attending Suffolk I was able to volunteer and work at locations...

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...munity colleges. Community colleges offer classes for individuals looking to continue to another college and also for individuals looking to continue their path in the work force. Many students also choose to live at home while commuting to a community college, therefore it allows them to stay dependent and not force them into independence at young age. There is also nearly a $30,000 difference in tuition, per year between a private university and a community college. For individuals who are looking to expand their education later on in life, spending less on tuition may be the right choice. Also the savings in funds could be put to other uses that may also be more appealing to some students. When deciding between universities and colleges for higher education it is important to choose the more beneficial of the two, and for many that choose is a Community College.

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