Essay on The Battle Of Stalingrad During World War II

Essay on The Battle Of Stalingrad During World War II

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The battle of Stalingrad started in 1941 during World War II. Hitler betrayed Russia and commenced operation Barbarossa. This battle showed Hitler that his third Reich was not invincible and that his dream of world domination might not actually be achieved. Considering the efficiency, force of numbers and strength his military had, his dream had been coming true. Backstabbing and invading Russia would eventually prove to be his ultimate demise. The soviets made one last battle against Hitler in the twin cities of Leningrad and Stalingrad named after their leader Joseph Stalin. During this battle, the Soviets were eventually able to thwart off the German forces by means of shear manpower and by reinforcing their troops with tanks and ground units. “The soviets had to keep control of this city because of the issue of morality, it being a city that was named after their leader. If it had fallen to the enemy, the rest of the country might have collapsed as well.”( Stolley 220 )
“The battle of Stalingrad was fought between the years 1941 and 1943” (Messenger 94). The Nazis were not prepared for the extremely cold Russian winter. Hitler should have learned the lesson that Napoleon, his French counterpart had learned a hundred years earlier. During operation Barbarossa, the German blitzkrieg moved swiftly east as if nothing could halt their forces. The soviets were not prepared for the battle as their front lines began to crumble from the ambushing troops, the soviets airbases were decimated and the soviets endured major losses of their airpower as hundreds of planes were destroyed. “As the Germans seemed as they were dominating the battle at first, the freezing cold temperatures matched with the sheer force of numbers of soviet tanks,...

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... it would benefit himself, even if it cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of troops.
The Nazis defeat at Stalingrad turned the tides of war in the west. Hitler’s downfall had begun and his control over his once powerful army had been extremely weakened. After the battle of Stalingrad, Russia became a superpower its strength was exhibited way into the Cold War. If the Nazis had taken Stalingrad, the war might have had a different turnout for Hitler and his allies. There is no doubt Hitler would have sustained his crusade for world domination and he might have even succeeded. Stalingrad is also considered to be one of the bloodiest battles of all time, with total fatalities from both sides surpassing one million. This battle might have been the most important one in all of World War II and it changed the tides against one of the most infamous leaders of all time.

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