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The Battle of Princeton Essay example

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The Battle of Princeton
The American Revolution War was a fight for independence by the thirteen colonies against the Kingdom of Great Britain, which then became Britain versus the lately formed United States. There were several battles, but only a handful was major, including the Battle of Princeton. The Battle of Princeton had been an aftermath of a pre battle, the Battle of Trenton. The importance of the battles was that they gave confidence to American soldiers to gain victory against the British. It had been another step closer to the triumph of America for independence.
The Battle of Princeton took place on January 3, 1777 at Princeton in New Jersey ("A Five Point Summary of the Battle of Princeton"). It had been a revengeful plan of the British in contradiction of the Continental Army. General Lord Cornwallis had a plan of retaliation to General George Washington after General Washington’s surprise attack of the Hessians at Trenton. There had only been 5,000 Americans that would be facing 8,000 of the British and Hessians (Mackenzie). Although, there had only been around...

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