Essay about The Battle of Mankind vs Nature

Essay about The Battle of Mankind vs Nature

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The Battle of Mankind VS Nature 
Due to devastation caused by the dropping of the atomic bomb, man kind has only used nuclear weapons twice in war. In August 2026: There Will Come Soft Rains, the author, Ray Bradburry, writes about a nuclear holocaust in the year 2026. He writes about a house that services the nuclear explosion, and the house, which has advanced technology , performs daily activities to aid the Fetherstone family. The house is the only thing standing in Allendale, California after a nuclear explosion destroyed the entire city. The house has advanced technology including a stove that makes breakfast and disposes of the uneaten food, a voice clock that rings throughout the entire house reminding the Fetherstones to wake up and go to work, robot mice that clean the entire house everyday at 9:15, bath water that runs on a timer, and even a cigar dispenser that lights a cigar for Mr.Featherstone and disposes of the cigars ashes.  Through descriptive literature, Ray Bradburry  writes a short story on mankind's downfall when technology outpaces humanity, which in the ends shows how neither man or machine can win against nature.  
From the beginning of the story Bradburry uses the specific word choice to show the fate of humans. The story starts off in Allendale, California, seven o'clock to be exact, on August 24, 2026. There is a voice-clock in the living room that alarms the Featherstones that is time to start the day. The automated stove in the kitchen cooks up a hearty breakfast of eight pieces of toast, eight eggs, 16 slices of bacon, two cups of coffee, and two glasses of milk. Judging from the food and beverage order we can agree that 2 adults and 2 children live in the house. At ten o'clock the author writes th...

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...s symbolic of a new day dawning. In the end, Bradurry shows the main point in There Will Come Soft Rains about how nature will overcome all.  
 Dropping the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagosaki was really devastating. Throughout the story, Bradburry shows how technology will never win against nature, and how the downfall of man is caused by technology. I believe that technology is advancing too fast, and by the looks of it Bradburry can agree. Technology is a great tool to have until it outpacing human life. This story showed how advance technology, with all its gizmos and gadgets, could never win a war against nature, which is the main point in Bradburrys There Will Come Soft Rains. 

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