The Battle Of Homosexuality As A Choice Essay

The Battle Of Homosexuality As A Choice Essay

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Research regarding current articles related to the battle of homosexuality as a choice,

or birth gene. Exploration of scientific evidence and experiments, revolving over the pieces

found within both, human and animal chromosomes, contained in individuals sharing the

homosexuality lifestyle. Furthermore, discerning the objectives and viewpoints of both

sides regarding the argument; morality vs science. Ultimately, my essay’s research shall

update readers upon the current forefront issues, experiments conducted, viewpoints, and

trending thoughts. As well as advise the reader, of the numerous positions of both religious

and scientific communities have taken on the debate. The debate has evolved beyond

white, or black, and groups have emerged as a varying degree of acceptance and

disagreement of civil rights connected with homosexuals.

The forefront of equal rights associated to homosexuals, had turned into a battle of

choice vs. birth. Media outlets, portray this as the common underlying value on deciding

whetherhomosexuals should receive bias, or impartial treatment. However, few activists

display candid reaction to why someone should either be accepted, or segregated if it was

a matter of choice. Concealing the underlying debate, the activists have pushed science

vs. morality to the forefront of argument.

There are varying positions held in both the science and morality sides of

arguement. Some fervent Christians acknowledge the possibility of the homosexual gene,

and contend because you are born with a disposition to a certain behavior, it does not

justify committing yourself. Robert Alan Brookey(2012) citing an article in The Wall Street

Journal, where The Ramse...

... middle of paper ...

...firmation,Lutherans Concerned,Presbyterians for

Lesbian and Gay Concerns, and Ramsey Colloquium. For a reference of a sexual

treatment organization, review NARTH( National Association of Research and Therapy of

Homosexuality). The forefront argument of birth versus choice, is an scapegoat

mechanism to justify each sides naturalistic fallacy. Because of the various factors

hindering research and compromising experiments, it may be impossible to ever discern

proper answers. For this reason, the debate it is best to question what your standpoint is

regardless of whether homosexuality is a choice, or gene. Here is a recommendation for

exploring sexual choice, Sexual Fluidity, by Lisa M. Diamond. Homosexuality is a culture

involving everyone. It isn’t a dichotomy, its a valuable aspect of American life, that is

deserving of your opinion.

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