Battle Between Snail Darter Fish and the Telico Dam Essay example

Battle Between Snail Darter Fish and the Telico Dam Essay example

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The snail darter case can be a little ridiculous. Its between the 3-inch snail darter fish and then whether to build the Tellico dam. The main eye attention to this argument is whether we should let the snail darter fish live or not. If we build the Tellico dam to snail darters will die. On the other hand its a big deal because the snail darters are on the endangered species list. In my opinion I'm on the snail darter fish side because I think the fish should live. The cost to build the dam is eighty million dollars. To me that a lot of cash, how about you? I can understand how this case got serious and that some people favor the side of the dam and some other favor the side of the snail darter like I do. Yes the snail darter fish is small but I don’t think that’s a reason to treat it different we should treat like any other animal.

Ok, If you don't know what a Snail darter is let me tell you a snail darter is a new accounteneded fish found in the Little Tennessee River. It is 2.2 to 3.1 inches long. It is found near the shoals of the river near the gravel. They also travel in groups kinda like minnows they do not swim or travel individually. Juveniles usually inhabit quiet pool areas, migrating to shoals by three to four months of age. They usually live up to two to four years. It is known to be related to aquatic snails and part of the perch family. They prey item are caddisflies, midges, and blackflies. What the snail darter fish really looks, the eyes are placed toward the top of the head, four alike dorsal saddles, a blunt snout, and short rounded pectoral and pelvic fins. The back has black freckles all the way down. The color of it would be white bellyitsh when it fades up on to the side its turns yellow the...

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...e Snail Darter fish would have been missed, but let it be taken off the Endangered Species Act list instead of being added to a dead species list. I support animals that’s why I am on the Endangered Species Act side. Did there really have to be a dam there, was it really necessary? I mean maybe it could help with the water flow? But is it worth killing a poor little fish?

In some states it is illegal to move fish so in this case the Snail Darter could not be moved. Another thing is just because its small doesn't mean anything, don't judge a book by its cover! If it wasn't against the law to move fish they probably would move the fish, but it was against the law so it didn't happen. Even if they did move it they wouldn't be used to there new habitat. I am in favor of keeping the Endangered Species Act strong enough to protect species such as the Snail Darter.

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