The Battle Between Reality And Fundamentalism Essay

The Battle Between Reality And Fundamentalism Essay

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One day, I thought I was going to save the world, I really did. I wanted to fix it all. I wanted to become the “Superwoman” of the world. Then something hit my head and changed my mind. It was systems. If you are reading this paper you should be laughing now. Anyways, one day I gave an advice to someone on a probability of something happen and it did. At least I know that I am not always wrong, that I right most of the time on my feelings and thinking.
In the battle between reality and fundamentalism, diversity always wins. I have been given the opportunity to write freely in the system of this wonderful summer course. I love it. Writing freely can be compared to the freedom to breathe and live. In order to be completely free, you have to have the necessary “courage” to accept freedom. I created my own freedom to share with others to be free, body and mind, to accept cultures from all over the world, and see the positive things in other people.
Systems works perfectly in an imaginary world where everything is perfect, everyone follows guidelines imposed by people and everyone loves each other. On the other hand, systems should not be taken lightly or go to extremes as to how we think. Systems should be given the opportunity to be free. Government rules and regulations work better when systems flow through open doors of communication through productivity. People in general should be more open minded in life. Through observations, I come to the realization of how people behave and how many think. Many individuals thinking can be regressive at times. People need to move forward thinking positive, and bringing acceptance to the world; a couple of people believes and systems ideas revert back to the 1930s. To see some ...

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...s to place the cell phone down and look you in the eyes. I want to generate a new world where people actually talk among each other and that hearts ache for others ' pain. We can work together to make the world a better place, thinking positively. We can be helped and we can do anything. Systems can help us stop the burden in society, looking through the right side of things toward a better future. That 's what I respect. I admire the immense willpower and persistence it takes to do innumerable small, low-key things, just to make possible dreams for other and yourself. At the end, Maslow “hierarchy of needs” everyone wants the same thing, we are not defective, we are unique, just like me. I always say, that one small voice in a throng of a few billion can change the world. We must be ready to take action rather than resignation, and change people live for the better.

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