Battle and Siege of Sarajevo to Recognize Bosnia and Herzegovina as Its Own State

Battle and Siege of Sarajevo to Recognize Bosnia and Herzegovina as Its Own State

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The UN report on the Battle and Siege of Sarajevo is a document that records the events within the city from April 5th 1992 to February 28th 1994. The document’s purpose is to shine a light and describe the consequence of the Battle of Sarajevo and its violations of human law. Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The city’s name is derived from ‘Seraglio’, meaning ‘palace in the fields’ in Turkish. Sarajevo’s history dates back to Roman times with the Slavs eventually conquering the area. The cities architecture is comprised of 3 influences, which the text (UN report) describes as “the old Oriental heart of the city, the turn of the century Viennese city around it, and the contemporary high-rise apartment buildings and industrial facilities through its outskirts.” The city first gained notoriety during the 1984 Olympics. It was known as a city that supported marriage between different ethnic groups and interaction between different religious peoples.
The siege of the city began on April 5th, 1992; the day that European Community began to recognize Bosnia and Herzegovina as its own state. The 1991 census reported that approximately 435,000 resided in the city before the siege. After the siege, this population was reduced to an estimated amount of 300,000 to 380,000. The UN article also goes onto report that an average of 329 shells bombarded the city on a daily basis, with the highest number of shells being 3,777 on July 22nd, 1993. The bombardment resulted in major damage to many of the cities buildings and structures. The Bosnia and Herzegovina government estimates that as many as 100,000 buildings were damaged and up to 10,000 apartment buildings were destroyed.
During the siege, the defenders of the cit...

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...nflict is slightly damaged by the lack of emphasis on the religious confrontation, Galloway is actually able to strengthen the novel. By doing this, he shows that the power of charity and goodness during trying times transcends religious belligerence. This is a powerful message that anyone can relate to and is a tool that is useful for encouraging kindness over animosity.
While going over the material and working on this paper, I was left wondering why music has this effect on people. It fills people with joy and reminds people of their past. Earlier this term, we talked about the meaning of spirituality and how it doesn’t necessarily have an association with religion and faith. For me and many people, music seems to have a sense of spirituality associated with it. This assignment has left me confused about the difference between spirituality and religion.

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