Essay on The Battle Against The Black Snake

Essay on The Battle Against The Black Snake

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“The sky is still pale blue and the air still full of the sharp bite of a Plains Night, when the camp caller calls the Protectors to rise. He calls for the women to “Lili!”, to stir and rally the sleeping camp. He reminds us of our cause, our purpose for traveling from every part of the country, every corner of the globe. We must Rise with the Sun to bless the water, bless the waters we risk Life, Limb and Liberty to protect. Mni Wiconi- Water is Life. The sun peaks over the hills, to the sound of drums and Sundance songs, illuminating the sprawling camp of thousands with its glow. Its another day in the Battle against the Black Snake, for Water, for Life, For the Future. This is Oceti Sakowin. “
-Amber J Flores, November at Standing Rock

Just south of Bismarck North Dakota, at the convergence of the Cannon Ball and Missouri Rivers, a war is being waged over the foundation of all life on Earth: water. Over 150 Indigenous tribes from the Amazon to Alaska stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe against riot police, private security and the Dakota Access Pipeline. Nearly 5, 000 Indigenous peoples and allies have converged on Cannonball North Dakota to state their protest. Over 400 peaceful unarmed water protectors, medics, and journalist have been arrested to date. Facing terrifying odds of attack dogs, mace, and riot police armed with assault rifles, felony charges, and the approaching Dakota winter, the water protectors stand their ground. They protect against the building of a pipeline that will transport over 470,000 barrels of Canadian crude oil through four States and their Traditional home Land. With hundreds of Nations in Solidarity and National and global allies, the camp has swelled to thousands of people...

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...20$ fee for a phone card. Furthering abuse of the law, many of the arrestees were charged incorrectly. One such incident occurred in the Treaty Camp raid of October 27th. During this police raid of the new camp, a fire was set which still has not been fully attributed to either side. Over 300 protectors were arrested during this incident. All of those arrested, including the majority arrested before the arson, were all charged with felonies. These are only a few of the countless civil allegations against the protectors of the pipeline.
The building of the Dakota Access Pipeline as well as its reinforcement by authorities, have violated several federal Indian Laws and procedures. I would argue that The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act and The American Indian Religious Freedom Act were both violated. Federal tribal policy and procedure are not

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