Battle Against Starvation and Malnutrition Essay

Battle Against Starvation and Malnutrition Essay

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Throughout human history there has been an ongoing battle against starvation, malnutrition, and the production, accessibility, and availability of enough food for the growing populations. Today many people, families, communities, and even entire countries struggle to maintain an adequate and fulfilling diet. The state of not having enough food for all people in a given family or community is known as food insecurity. To contrast food insecurity, and since malnutrition and hunger are such prominent issues, a condition known as food security is a goal of many initiatives across the globe. However, food security is much more than just enough food for everyone. With that said, what does food security mean? Furthermore, what does food security mean and how does it relate to communities such as the Hutterites in Manitoba, homeless women in the District of Columbia, and the Moso people surrounding Lake Lugu?
Looking at the Cowichan Green Community's (CGC) opinion on the topic, food security is a more encompassing term than just ample healthy food. The CGC, focussing on the Cowichan Valley, see food security as a state where the community is brought together and that the whole population of the community has "access to enough nutritious, safe, ecologically sustainable, and culturally appropriate food." (Cowichan Green Community). Therefore, members of a food secure community are also able to grow and harvest their own food, to stop the reliance on imported and domestic foods. Food security, by this definition, puts tremendous emphasis on local food. Local food means food that the community can "grow, harvest, process, preserve, and distribute [locally]" (CGC). Therefore, with more local food being grown and shared with the community, fa...

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...ce, thus a more every man or woman for him or herself. Tell Them Who I Am is an example of food insecurity, the unfortunate counterpart to food security. However, all three books show the potential and changes that can be made between both food secure and insecure populations.

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