Essay about The Battle Against Music Piracy

Essay about The Battle Against Music Piracy

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The Battle Against Music Piracy
Since 2012, the United States has been ranked number one on the list of music pirates. For years, people have been illegally downloading music for their own personal gain without considering the impact it has on the artists . When a song or an album is bought, some of the profit goes to the artist; therefore, if a song is not bought and it is downloaded off of an unofficial music sharing website, no profit goes to the artist. Although it may be convenient to download a popular song for free from the internet, this illegal act should not be considered as it benefits the artist more to buy the album at a store. As a result of this, parents who have had no idea their child has downloaded music are being fined thousands of dollars. This matter has become severe enough to consider taking the issue to Congress. Due to the improvement of technology over time, music piracy has become more prevalent and continues to harm the equilibrium of the music industry; therefore, actions should be taken to decrease the amount of music piracy. To many individuals, it is simply downloading a song, but it can eventually cause a harmful butterfly effect.
When a music file is pirated, it becomes available to anyone. Even though downloading an illegal copy of a song is as simple as a click of a mouse, one action can have harmful effects. For example, cases have occurred where a twelve year old pirated music and his mother was fined two thousand dollars because the record company lost billions of dollars in lost revenue (Maier 1). Music pirates are typically imagined as a specific culture or group. In reality, anyone can pirate music. However, this is not a new phenomenon. People have been pirating music as long a...

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...rators, fining people large amounts of money and even going as far as putting individuals in jail. Although this matter has been taken to Congress a plethora of times, only time will tell if this matter will be terminated. To many people, this issue is not a large problem, but to artists and anyone in the music industry, this may have an ongoing effect and may cause a detrimental decline of revenue. Without revenue from individuals, artists may not have the money to produce their favorite songs. The act of pirating music has become such a monumental problem and it is almost impractical it will ever go away. Without revenue from individuals, artists may not have the money to produce their favorite songs. Regardless, actions can be taken to reduce the amount of music pirates. A dollar is a small price to pay for a popular artist to distribute their voice to the world.

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