Essay about The Battle Against Fast Food

Essay about The Battle Against Fast Food

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Daniel Weintraub, in his article, "The battle against fast food begins in the home", proclaimed that parents are to blame for childhood obesity. Childhood obesity is important because it affects 26 percent of school children. We should care about obesity in children because if parents take responsibility for their children’s unhealthy lifestyle then obesity wouldn 't be very common throughout children. Basically, what is at stake here is he many risk factors of childhood obesity, such as diabetes and stroke. My discussion will address the fact that initially parents are the ones who are supposed to instill good eating habits, encourage physical activities, and to serve as role models for their children.
It is the role of the parents to instill good eating habits and to serve as role models for their children. If the kid has no medical reason for gaining weight then it seems acceptable to blame the parents. In the first place, the parents are the ones who buy the fast food for their children; parents are the ones who provide them with the money to buy unhealthy snacks. According to Weintraub, "It 's the fault of the parents who let their kids eat unhealthy food and sit in front of the television or computer for hours at a time". Weintraub 's point is that children are influenced especially by their parents because they are ones kids spend their entire lives with. In consequence, kids are influenced in good ways but mostly on bad habits that their parents teach them. Yet, there are single parents who may be too busy to control what their kids are eating, but serving water or milk instead of soda, sitting at a table instead of around a TV, these are small changes that can break old habits and make a real difference without spending t...

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...arents to be role models for their children and emphasize the importance of physical activities and healthy eating.
Although I agree that it is the parent 's responsibility to teach their kids how to eat healthy, I also believe that the fast food industry shares the blame for overweight children, which in most cases lead to obese consumers as adults. Nevertheless, the “blame game” needs to end and responsibility needs to be distributed across the board. Our nation, as a whole, should be proactive in ridding ourselves of the name “The Junk Food Nation” and help prevent the many risk factors of childhood obesity, such as diabetes and stroke. To put it simply, the children are the future of America. Providing and encouraging children with a healthy, active, productive lifestyle ensures that we have healthy, active, productive members of society and leaders of tomorrow.

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