Essay Batman Verses Leeann

Essay Batman Verses Leeann

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“Batman” She shouted
“I finally figured it out I’m going to call you.” She said with the biggest grin on her face. “You are my dark knight so batman is the only name that fits”
From that day on everyone started calling me batman. People create nicknames based upon their own needs. Some need a new insult others need a change, a fresh start. All must encounter the same problem at some point in time. What does this nickname really mean and when does it begin to take your place in life.
I had to ask myself at what point did I start sharing my life with an internal monster. One that thrived off of attention, power, and the weak will of others. At what point do you notice that you are no longer you. I quickly became Batman also known as Leeann. Friends, friends of friends, shit even family began calling me Batman. My birth name became so foreign that I no longer raised attention when it was called. All because of one person’s needs.
Angelique, a twenty year old culinary arts student, was nothing short of amazing. Her long free flowing black hair, pale tattooed skin, and soft features became my prison and my freedom. I first met her at a meeting of sorts. I spotted her in the corner doodling and it was as though the world itself had stopped and we were the only people in the room. We quickly became comfortable with each other. Our love for one another growing with every soft embrace, every tender kiss, and every dark secret shared. It was only a matter of time before everything would crumble. Soon the scattered memories and tear stained letters would be the only evidence of our 8 month relationship. All because of a name, one that I didn’t want in the first place.

“What if I don’t want to go by batman what if I just want to b...

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...hose three tear stained letters. I stood at the bin for what seemed like hours trying to burn those letters.
So now I am stuck with three tear stained letters one repaired with tape two crumpled up and a stupid nickname; one that people blindly call me without knowledge of the true meaning. Every day I bear the scars of my previous mistakes; contemplating how things would have progressed, had I been her hero at given chance. What would have happened if I had held her and told her I was here to save the day. Maybe she would have stayed in North Carolina. Maybe she wouldn’t have gone to New York looking for her hero. Maybe she would still be here and not somewhere his upper east coast. I live my life everyday thinking of the unknown, living with the scars of my previous mistakes, proudly knowing that I am finally on the road to becoming the hero she always saw in me.

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