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Batm A Centralized Role Model Essay

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Batman, a centralized role model towards many fans in the U.S and around the world has an origin that no comic can surpass. As a boy, he witnessed the gruesome murder of parents outside an opera house. The murder of his parents gave him the optimism to wreak vengeance on ones who broke the law; hence the fact that he resolved to never kill anyone, but rely on his physical capabilities to bring all the criminals of gotham city to justice. Batman’s portrayal in media has become an astounding topic to explore throughout the years. His costumes, physical characteristics, background story, and interactions with individuals plays a huge role in the differences and similarities evidently in Batman Begins and Batman: Arkham Knight. Although there are many versions of Batman, the overall basis of how he came to be and what he does will always stay the same. Batman’s evolution has become a universal centerpiece which will never be altered.

Although there is no clear origin story to the action-adventure video game, Batman: Arkham Knight still has a venturesome creation to it. The video games opens up with a scene of Joker’s death which then gives a clear eyed view of the corrupt city of Gotham. A year after his death, the city has become abandoned and not much action has been taken place. The initial villain, Scarecrow threatens the city of Gotham with Toxin and bomb plants scattered everywhere which forced the evacuation of the millions of citizens. Those that had remained coincided with Scarecrow and became criminals who had wished to cause havoc and steal. However, the criminals completely outnumber the amount of police and due to their inability to aid in the situation at all, it is up to Batman to seek out justice for the city of ...

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...ncrease in significance and become one of the world 's renowned superheroes. The death of his parents allowed the origin for his story to set a mark for where he needs to be. The story has not been changed or altered in any way shape, or form since Batman was first revealed in 1939 by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. Referencing to Batman: Arkham Knight, the whole game is based off a story. Scarecrow forces all citizens to evacuate after threatening them with a fear toxin. Batman then investigates Scarecrow’s tactics and rescues Poison Ivy from his men. However, Scarecrow set the Ace Chemicals building to explode. Batman then tries confronting him, but time runs out and he gets exposed to the fear toxin which allowed Scarecrow to flee. This gives the idea of storytelling a more exciting outlook. As opposed to Batman begins which gives the audience an origin to the story.

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