Bathroom Neutrality Throughout The States

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Bathroom Neutrality throughout the states. There has been a debate throughout the world about gender equality within the facilities. When saying facilities that is meant not just by the restrooms but the schools locker rooms as well. “73.6 percent of transgender youth reported being verbally harassed and 32.5 percent reported being physically harassed. They survey also found that 63.4 percent of transgender youth avoided bathrooms and 52.1 percent avoided locker rooms because they felt uncomfortable.” The versatility of this subject is the major topic of privacy, they have a belief that a male physically should belong in the male bathroom, even if he knows he is a she, they feel if they let one in, it’ll give other males the right to invade the privacy of females in said facilities. Even schools have begun to turn their heads to the idea of gender equality in their facilities, Janesville Gazette did an article on one said school who has turned to this proposition, There was a statement in said article that stood out to how this school felt about the situation "We believe it is appropriate and in the best interest of our students and faculty to introduce a standardized, statewide policy regarding gender-specific bathroom usage in our public schools," Kremer wrote. "To put it plainly, no student of any gender should be made to feel uncomfortable or threatened in the most private places in our schools." this is a big statement, it shows they really care about their students and the comfortability that they deserve. (“Proposed law would change bathroom, locker room rules for transgender students”). Even the Board has succumb to the equality of their district, in said article it had a segment to which supported that. “Board policy ... ... middle of paper ... is changing, it’s the 21st century, men and women are equal, african americans and whites are corresponding. Homosexuality exists and they can even legally get married. It’s time for people to see that we all have the same skeleton, we’re all human and should treat each other as such. Beliefs involved or not, put yourself in their shoes, they feel victimized. They are not monsters, transgender people refers to gender identity, which just means a person 's internal, personal sense of being a man or woman. It almost the same as people with aneroxia, they are skinny to the world but as soon as they look in the mirror they are something completely different. Though they are sympathised in socitey while transgender is frowned upon? It is ridiculous, every man and women physical or not is still a man or a women regardless and should have the same rights as one another.

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