The Basic Principles Of Ethical Advertising Essay

The Basic Principles Of Ethical Advertising Essay

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Advertising plays many roles in the mind of consumers. It informs, it educates, it persuade. Without advertising it would be difficult to decide what we need to buy and what are the options available in the market. In the modern world everyone is influenced by advertising and the forms of promotion. Private sector as well as Public sector is still trying to learn how they can communicate efficiently and effectively with target group or audience. Consumer is trying to find various ways to avoid marketers, but the market is constantly looking for new ways to reach audience.
Following structure of essay include:

Basic principles of ethical advertising are-

1. Advertisements should abide by the laws of the country.
2. Advertisement should not be misleading or likely to misinform.
3. All types of advertisements primed with sense of social responsibility to the society.
4. Advertisements should not weaken the public confidence.
5. Advertisements should value the morality of fair competition in business.

Influencing Consumer behaviour
The main motive of advertising is to attract customers or to grab the attention of consumers. Advertising is the form of communication used to persuade or influence viewers, listener’s i.e. audience. Advertising leads consumer to an action. Company spend a huge amount on advertising to attract consumers. Three things by which consumer gets attracted are words, message and medium. Many advertisers increase consumption of their goods through branding which usually involves the product name or product image and link with certain qualities straight in the minds of the consumers. As we all know the main purpose of the advertising is to motivate the customers about the product or service is the best an...

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...distinctive and hit the minds of customers.

Price - Pricing should be right for your products which avoids some sort of financial consequences that firm can face in case of wrong pricing strategy.

Place - The products should be placed at right place and at right time. Choosing the right place can increase the profits.

Promotion - Promotions include branding, advertising etc.

Let us understand by an example -
Kellogg 's Company is persistently developing new breakfast cereals. Here the element of the product is itself a new product, choosing the right price means investigating customer preference and manufacturing cost, different promotional activities, e.g. tasting of product and the best place with a distribution channel such as supermarket. Therefore, marketing plays very important role in identifying such aspects:
- Product appearance
- Product function

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