Basic Knowledge Of Fractions And Consider More Advanced Thinking Algebraic Thinking And Computation

Basic Knowledge Of Fractions And Consider More Advanced Thinking Algebraic Thinking And Computation

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Fraction Friction is the title of this series of lesson designed for year seven students. It will build on previous basic knowledge of fractions and consider more advanced thinking including algebraic thinking and computation. Fractions have always represented considerable challenges for students and a lack of understanding is then translated into difficulties with fraction computation, decimals and percentage concepts and the use of fractions in other areas especially algebra. (NMP, 2008) as cited in Van De Walle, Karp & Bay-Williams 2010. These lessons are designed to further enhance students understanding of fractions and how they can be compared and adjusted to use in mathematical practice. The students will have the opportunity to consider areas in everyday life where the use of fractions is needed for example in the making of cordial. The students will be given the opportunity to explore fraction relationships using a variety of manipulatives including fraction walls and stripes of card. They will also be required to show general mathematical skills in preforming computation of equivalent fractions and addition and subtraction of related and unrelated fractions. They will develop skills to convert fractions in order to make computation possible.
Student Engagement and Pedagogy
Students will undertake a variety of learning experiences in order to better understand the concepts of fractions. The variety of learning experiences including visual, aural and written activities are designed to appeal to a variety of learning styles and improve engagement, materials that are presented in a variety of presentation modes may lead learners to perceive that it is easier to learn and improve attention, thus leading...

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...tudents should be disadvantaged in the support of another group. If less able students are placed with more talented students there is a risk that the more able student will do the majority of the thinking and the other student will just agree and have little input into the thinking process.
In these lessons students are given support to understand concepts by working in small groups with a teacher or teacher aide. While other students will need to have extension work that challenges their thinking.

This series of lesson are designed to develop students understanding of fractions and their relationship to each other. This is an important concept for future mathematical learning across many areas. They are designed to challenge students thinking and skills in a practical way, while still support students who are challenged by the concept of fractions.

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