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Basic Cultural Norms Essay

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The discussion of culture and the aspects of individual cultures, the religious affiliations, world views, and groups that each culture prescribes to are as varied as the crystals of ice are in a snowflake. No one culture is exactly the same and no singular person of the culture is identical. However, basic cultural norms shape the behaviors and ideologies of those who identify with a specific culture. In the works of Nanda & Warms “Cultural Anthropology”, (2011), culture is the road map for which individuals follow to provide an understanding of their social construct and provide the basis for meaning to their environment (p. 2). It is discussed that Ethnography is the manner in which the researcher observes cultural activities to gain an understanding and nuances to their workings (p. 2). To that end I called upon a man who has been a friend for several years to sit down over coffee and share his life story. Although he is an American citizen, his parents were born in Puerto Rico in 1929 and 1930. His parents hold American citizenship but were raised within the Hispanic Puerto Rican culture. His grandparents were not of American citizenship until well into older-middle age. Puerto Rican citizens were not recognized as American citizens until 1917. John, as he will be referred to in this paper, and at the writing of such is a 49 year old Hispanic-American male of Puerto Rican descent. He is single, once married to a woman due to his strict Catholic upbringing. However, he knew he was homosexual when he married and believes his wife also knew, but she married him regardless of the truth to keep up the facade. He is now a cautiously open member of the LGBT community. He was born and raised in the United States, speaks f...

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...s siblings. He is gaining confidence in his membership and identification with the HRC. He identifies that he is of Hispanic origins, but he does not follow many of the holidays or historical markers. He is still struggling to find an absolute identity.

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