Baseball Players Should Not Be Paid Essay

Baseball Players Should Not Be Paid Essay

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For years, baseball players has always been the highest paid athletes out of any of the major sports. It is also the oldest sport around and many of the athletes have been practicing their profession ever since they were kids. Some argue should baseball have a salary cap like other major sports but it is only right that they get paid very well, due to the time and effort that is put into their craft. After all it’s a risky sport, yet very entertaining.
Baseball is a very difficult game and even more difficult for a player to thrive in. The craft itself takes years of practice and endurance to achieve expertise. Other sports aren’t as intense and some of their major players are receiving salaries upwards of 22-25 million per year, when in fact their craft is more of a hobby. Basketball nor football takes as much endurance and resilience as baseball. These sports are difficult yet they don’t incorporate as many risks nor encompass as much fatigue.
Baseball players are exposed to exhaustion more frequently than other sports players. A football player physically plays for 1 hour in a ...

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