Essay on The Baseball Of The Mlb Is A Dream That Many Kids

Essay on The Baseball Of The Mlb Is A Dream That Many Kids

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Playing in the MLB is a dream that many kids have, not just in America but around the world. As a Cuban born boy Brayan Pena dreamed about playing in the major leagues, but being from Cuba made getting to America just as hard as getting into the major leagues. In 1999, at age 16, Pena was playing for the Cuban National team when his friend approached him and told him that he had an opportunity for him to leave Cuba. So at 16 years old with no money and just the clothes on his back Pena left Cuba without telling his friends or family. He did not tell his friends or family about him leaving because if they knew about it they could be in some serious trouble.
Reading Brayan Pena story had me thinking about life in Cuba for him and his family and how scared he must have been leaving his family at 16 years old. Also not getting to say good bye to his family and wondering if he would ever see them again that scares me as a reader thinking if I having to do that with my family. But when reading this I also see his bravery leaving Cuba and his passion for baseball in him.
With Cuba and US relations restoring full diplomatic ties on December 17,2014 that lead to the opportunity for Brayan Pena to return home for the first time in 16 years. One of Pena friends Leonor Barua from the MLBPA come up to him and told him that they were talking to the Cuban government about a goodwill trip. Then at the winter meetings for baseball Leonor told Pena that it was happening and and that they just need a yes from him and he could go home. Pena says “Listen, I am not a politician. I’m just a baseball player. But I do believe in my heart that this trip was the start of something special. I know there’s a lot of issues to work out between the Ameri...

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...n to generation in Cuba. If the US and Cuba can progress on their relations, then these opportunities for these kids can seem more real and it will give them more hope. In addition, they wont have to worry about leaving Cuba and wonder if they will ever see their families again.
Reading this article, it brings light to how lucky as Americans we are to have certain freedoms that we do have. This article should also show us how lucky we are to have the fields and equipment to play this wonderful game baseball. The point of this article I believe was to show people how life is like for Cubans and when you see a Cuban baseball player in the major leagues or even in the minors now you will think about what they must have gone threw to get to were they are. In addition, it puts on display not only what these players go through but what the families go through as well.

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