Essay on Baseball Is America 's Pastime

Essay on Baseball Is America 's Pastime

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Major League Baseball (MLB), in the past, was considered to be America’s pastime. While some people debate MLB still is America’s pastime, others argue that it is the 21st century and other sports have gained popularity. Regardless of where MLB ranks in popularity its impact off of the field has gained popularity. In the past 30 years MLB community involvement has emerged and taken off as an essential function of all 30 major league clubs. MLB has been around for well over 100 years. It has been a staple of history, when looking back on the events of American history; MLB has been a part of a lot of the defining moments. When WWI came about MLB shut down so the MLB players could go fight the war. Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier that paved the way for other American Americans in American history. These impacting events have contributed towards making MLB the historical game that it is today. They have also influenced community relations’ efforts in MLB teams as well as were the stepping-stones for the inspiration in community relations departments.
The addition of a community relations department to MLB has had numerous impacts. It began as a way to engage the community with their local team and has grown to be so much more. MLB uses community relations as a way to engage members of the community who may not consider themselves as baseball fans but may be passionate about one of the causes that a MLB team supports. It is not just another way to attract people to come to ballgames; it serves as a way to show the community what their local MLB team stands for on and off the field. From service projects with the community and players to local and national charities sponsoring games there are numerous opportunities for MLB te...

... middle of paper ... the World Series where the best American league team plays the best National league team in a best-of-7 series. MLB is headquartered in New York and New Jersey where the office of the commissioner is located. A commissioner is an official chosen by an athletic association to exercise broad administrative or judicial authority. The commissioner has control over many community relations’ aspects. More specifically, community is a locality inhabited by such a group. Outreach is the act of extending services, benefits, etc., to a wider section of the population, as in community work. Outreach is sometimes confused with affairs, which are matters of commercial or public interest or concern, the transactions of public or private business or finance. The work of community relations can be compared to charity which is something given to a person or persons in need, alms.

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