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Baseball Field Designed By Alexander Cartwright Essays

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Every decade, a specific pastime comes about as the outcome of the occurrences and the society pertaining to that period of time. These leisure activities give the people a getaway from day-to-day life. Starting in the nineteenth century in America, this getaway proved to be baseball. Although it actually began in the early 1800’s as an American variant of the English sport of “Rounders”, baseball was laid back and spontaneous initially, as rules would vary regionally. A more established form of baseball came into play with the creation of the present-day baseball field designed by Alexander Cartwright. Cartwright and his teammates from the New York Knickerbocker Base Ball Club also conceived the initial regulations of the sport of baseball. According to the American consensus, the sport was becoming more democratized by the late 1850s, agreeing with the views of the American population. As the game became more organized, it quickly started receiving more popularity with America. Its rustic resemblance evoked a more efficient, nonchalant time. No other sport has achieved recognition as America’s "national pastime”. In essence, baseball was a sport designed by Americans for Americans. Even in times of war, baseball prospered and continued to develop. It united areas split by regionalism through patriotic feelings and attitude. Therefore, it is no surprise that baseball came to be viewed with such an exalted national standing.
My first primary source comes from Albert Spalding: the man who is accredited for transforming baseball from a game of “gentlemen athletes” into a “business and a professional sport” (Spalding, p 16). Due to his first hand experiences through the development of baseball, Spalding retells the impact baseball ...

... middle of paper ... united the everyday blue-collar citizen with what baseball players who were percieved to be superstars. Alexander took it a step further by actually serving in WWI combat and coming home with the battle scars to prove it. His act of valor and courage acted as a catalyst in the minds of society to connect baseball as their “national pastime.” Finallly seen was Lou Gherig’s embematic farewell speech that promoted Gherig as a figure that yet again tied baseball and the public. In many ways Gherig symbolized America: starting with a succesful career throughout the twenties, transitioning into the Iron Man idol in the late twenties, and ultimately experiencing a tragic end to his career much like the roaring twenties tranistioning into the Great Depression. It is without a doubt that baseball has served as “America’s national pastime” for many years, and many to come.

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