Baryonic Matter and Antimatter Essay

Baryonic Matter and Antimatter Essay

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In the universe there are to three types of matter, two identified and one hypothetical. The known matter is called Baryonic matter and antimatter, the third is called dark matter. Baryonic matter is the matter that makes life possible, and is the matter living things frequently interact with on planet earth. Antimatter is precisely that, anti-matter, and is generally referred to as mirror matter. The two types of matter that will be discussed are anti matter and dark matter.
Antimatter was initially proposed by British Physicist, Paul Dirac. He formulated an equation to elucidate protons and electrons: iy∙6ψ=mψ, but came up with an equation that could have two possible answers. (Close) A similar equation would be X²=4. Both a positive and negative two can solve the equation; much like a negative or positive electron can solve Dirac’s.
To think about antimatter is like thinking about matter’s reflection, and that is why it was dubbed mirror matter. Antimatter is made up of three particles: Positrons, neutrons, and antiprotons, and these particles are made up of subatomic particles called quarks. In each of these particles, are three quarks, and said quarks determine the charge of the particle. An up quark has ⅔ positive charge and a down has negative ⅓ charge (Close). Positrons, or antielectrons, have the inverse charge of an electron making them positive, but have the same mass and half spin of their baryonic counterpart, and are made of three down quarks, ⅔+⅔-⅓= 1 and that is why antielectrons have a positive charge. Antineutrons are almost exactly similar to neutrons, but have opposite baryon number, and are made up of one up quark and two down quarks, ⅔ -⅓-⅓=0 which is why a neutron and antineutron have no charge. Antiproton...

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... secrets of the universe.

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